Azzar AG (Provatec)

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Makers of the “Provatec” industrial forming and portioning machines which use the unique roto-fill system for gentle & precise forming of meat, poultry, fish, potatoes, vegetables etc. for more than 35 years Provatec have been producing and delivering Swiss quality Forming and Portioning machines all over the world.

They provide our customers with products with the highest state of technology. Main Features and User Benefits of our machines are:

ROTOR FORMING AND FILL TECHNIQUE – Gentle product feed with no mixing effect,product structure is maintained.
ROTOFLOW FILLSYSTEM – Rotoflow patties are juicier and more tender, shrink less and allow faster cooking.
PAPER INTERLEAVING SYSTEM -for stacked products
ELECTRONICALLY CONTROLLED FULLY HYDRAULIC DRIVE SYSTEM – More reliability, lower maintenance costs, simple to operate
STAINLESS STEELCONSTRUCTION – Easy and quick to clean, improved hygiene
WEIGHT CONTROL WITHIN 1% – Exact portioning
INDIVIDUAL MOLD PLATES – Metal or Plastic plates, made according to the customers individual specifications.

Get your meat-, fish-, poultry-, vegetables-, potato- and bakery-products into shape with PROVATEC machines.

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