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Cleaning and Hygiene Machinery for Food Producers in the UK

Euro Food Machinery are the sole UK supplier of Unifortes Cleaning and Hygiene machinery. Unifortes cleaning and hygiene machinery offers smart cleaning solutions for every challenge in a production company. Our all round experience with cleaning technology in material handling projects enables us to provide our customers with high quality equipment, based on the most efficient and cost effective solution, using the latest technology from our modern production facilities. Our product range varies from stand-alone crate washers to the turnkey delivery of a fully automated washing and handling plant.

Cleaning Principles

As with all cleaning processes, our cleaning principles are based on the Sinner Circle. The final cleaning result is influenced by 4 interdependent factors:

  • Mechanical action
  • Temperature
  • Chemical action
  • Time

A combination of these factors will be determined during every engineering phase, resulting in the best cleaning solution for the applicable product / situation.

Overview of a crate washing machine

A typical crate washer consists of a washing section(s) and a rinsing section. In these sections the nozzles that are mounted on the spraying racks will produce the Mechanical Action of theTemperature Controlled and Chemical Dosed water. Each washing section has its own reservoir for re-use of the washing water and for the rinsing section, fresh water will be used. A transport chain or transport belt will be used to transport the crates through the machine with a certain (controllable) speed to meet the Washing Time for a certain crate / pollution.