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By Barry Edge on Aug 14 in Euro food News.

We at Euro-Food are delighted to announce the launch of our neweuro-food machinery's new website as designed and developed by East Anglia design in Suffolk website                            which, once again has been designed and constructed by East Anglia Design in Ipswich. This follows months of development and work and takes the principle that you don’t want to be on here for hours, you just want to quickly find the machine solution you’re looking for.

And for those who are familiar with our previous website, you’ll notice a few improvements and changes. First of all you will see that we now show nearly all of the machines we sell as opposed to the previous website, where we only really showed the manufacturers name and a general description of their offerings. I believe this alone will make it a much more interesting website for you the visitor and enable you to directly identify the machine you need for your production.

Next, you will hopefully appreciate the ease of navigation around this new website. We’ve taken the “3 clicks & you’re in” principle and applied it directly to our new website so that 3 clicks will hopefully always get you to where you want to be, indeed it can be fewer clicks to find what you want.

Another great improvement we’ve made is to include a section about the food production consumables we offer. And many of you were probably unaware that we offer any consumables. Our consumables page will show consumables that are directly connected to the equipment we sell and will always be genuine manufacturer approved consumables.

Other features include a “You Tube” channel showing videos of the equipment in action (maybe we can get a few likes from you on there), and our “news section” where we can keep you informed of new developments within and around the company.

So to keep up to date with all the latest developments in the food production sector, please re-visit our news section, or contact us for details on any food production machines or consumables you might need.

Paul Sandlan, Euro Food Machinery Ltd.