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Euro Food Machinery supply and install the Pokomat range of Injectors and curing machines and pickling machines. From the single needle hand pump machine right up to the 192 needle Injector for the very largest processing plants, Pokomat offer industry leading innovation and technology incorporated with user friendly machines for every budget. Speak to Euro Food Machinery to discuss your curing machines needs, and gain access to unrivaled service in the food production industry.

Pökomat P1/6

The Pökomat P1/6 is the smallest model in the Pökomat range of injecting machines. It is a practical and functional unit ideal for small butchers, canteens and catering services.
The curing, injecting and spicing of meat is made easy with this robust little work-horse

It has the following features:

  • self priming pump
  • constant pressure
  • handy and portable
  • single phase
  • complete stainless steel fabrication
  • ergonomic handgun
  • pump can be allowed to run dry
  • 1 Pistol blue P1/6
  • 1 Distributionblock compl. P1/6; Needle 2.2 mm
  • 1 Pistol with 1 Injectionneedle 4mm/200 P1

Pökomat P14/280

The Pökomat P 14/280 is a very precise and reliable machine and was developed especially for the small butcher.

The P14/280 Injector’s complete drive unit and gearbox is located above the product conveyor ensuring a high level of safety and protection against corrosion.

The proven individually spring loaded needles combined with the independent valve control and the accurate needle pattern give the ideal injection requirement for large and small pieces of meat.

Pökomat P16/320

With the Pökomat P 16/320 you benefit from several technical advantages, because of the well proven Pökomat concept.

The complete drive unit including motor, pump and gearbox are located above the product conveyor ensuring a high level of safety and protection against corrosion. Any service or maintenance required is made easy by this design.

The individually spring loaded needles, combined with the independent valve control and symmetrical needle pattern, gives the ideal injection requirement. Whether you put large or small pieces of meat through the machine, only the needles which are in the meat will inject.

Pökomat P15/300 SM

Developed with the current World economic climate in mind, we have built a machine which consists of minimal hardware and expensive components, yet still includes all the features required by small to medium size processors.

The P15/300 is a fully stainless steel Injector of high quality and performance but with a lower price tag. It returns a very constant rate of injection and therefore high efficiency for your production. The machine is very easy to operate and maintain. It uses less electronic control components which therefore eliminates major sources of malfunction and breakdown.

The P15/320 SM is a high quality Injector for less money that offers fast reliable production.

Pökomat P40/500

P40/500 SI/SL

The precise and reliable industrial multi-needle-injector Pökomat P 40/500 allows you to profitably produce consistently cured products. The tried and tested Pökomat-concept gives you all the technical and economic advantages.

The Pökomat P 40/500 has the advantage that the pump and all piping is located underneath the conveyor belt. The housing is completely sealed from the upper zone. This design allows the use of different pumping systems. Maintenance is hassle free as the whole unit is built on a removable sliding carriage.


The Pökomat P 40/500 SE is a programcontrolled multi-needle-injector and is built to the latest technical standards.

The self-explanatory control panel enables the operator to achieve the highest safety standards and consistent products possible.

This machine is equipped with two diaphragm pumps which have the following advantages: non return system, self-priming, and dry running capability.

The additional modules available are:

Quality control: The machine can be linked to a computer. A protocol will be made with all relevant data. This guarantees that production coheres to ISO 9000 standards.

Steaker P40/500 (Article number 12804)