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By admin on Jun 01 in smoking kilns.

For thousands of years, people have been smoking meat and fish products as a method of preserving protein-rich dietary substance. And it worked great when we were throwing spears at Elks in order to sustain the bellies of our iron age families.

That Elk had to last up to a month because you never knew when the next poor unsuspecting grass-grazer was going to obliviously toddle into your trap.

But then in more recent times we learned that protein can be preserved by chilling it and Hey-Presto, no more need for smelly smokey fires burning for days on end, annoying the neighbours. Nope, we simply chuck our Elks in the Freezer and the Jobs a good-un!

But then a few people decided that actually they missed that salty sharp taste sensation of Smoked Moose and decided to bring it back to the table. Only this time they got more adventurous, they started smoking exotic things like Broccoli, Eggs, Sticklebacks, Sparrows and even sea salt. But as popular as these delicacy treats were, the smoking process was still contaminating the neighbours clean washing and causing endless disputes between foes and friends alike.

Fast forward on a few decades and we’re now producing all these fabulous smoked treats in controlled stainless steel boxes. And whilst Chimney smoke is still an irritation for many living in a westerly downdraft, Spako Food Processing Machinery are applying their considerable expertise into conquering this issue once and for all with their new “TOUCH” smoke generator. The principle is brilliantly simple and very neighbour friendly. Smoke is raised by a small piece of wood placed against a ceramic hotplate. The smoke is produced at a very low temperature and is circulated and recirculated around the products in the Kiln until almost all of it has adhered itself to the food. The result is beautiful tasty salty lovely smoked food, and neighbours you can still invite round for a barbecue.

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