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Best Summer Ever for Burgers?

By admin on Aug 12 in Burger Formers. 1 Comment

2018……Busiest Ever Burgers Season?

It appears the old barbecue essential, humble beef burgers are moreEuro-foods-machinery-burger-former-blog-post-image popular than ever this summer season. And it seems consumers are demanding a much higher quality with better yields, texture and appearance these days. How do we know this? Because the Hollymatic Super Former has never been more popular than it is now in 2018. And if you want high quality, great textured, consistent, American style beef burgers that won’t miss-shape when you cook them, you need to make them on a Hollymatic Super Former.

The Hollymatic Super Former has a very gentle shape-forming compression action which results in a far superior beef burger. In fact 2100 far superior beef burgers per hour to be precise. All of them stacked ready for boxing or freezing. All of them exactly the same weight and size, thickness and appearance. And all of them perfectly interleaved with genuine Hollymatic paper from the machine’s own automatic paper feed.

And no more miss-shaping or ovalling after cooking. If the burger is round when its raw, it should be round once it’s cooked and not that disappointing oval shape that so often occurs when burgers are formed on inferior machines. And that’s exactly what the Hollymatic Super will achieve. Round, tasty, juicy burgers!

The Hollymatic Super Former is the World’s most popular burger forming machine ever built. And also one of the longest lasting, hard wearing burger machines ever built. We know this as we are still servicing and supplying spare parts to Hollymatic Supers from the 1970’s that are still producing burgers on a daily basis.

Get ahead of your competitors and produce the world’s best burger with a Hollymatic Super burger former. Enquire about our free product trials!